Is there a new astrology sign – Ophiuchus?

Ok, we have received many inquiries from the DailyHoroscope App users lately regarding the question of the new “astrology” sign.

The Question

Lately some prominent news channels picked up a story about 13-th sign Ophiuchus and that due to various reasons (we don’t want to get into that) the dates for the zodiac are wrong and have to be changed/moved/recalculated.

The wave of confusion hit the Internet. Being developers of a very popular horoscope app for smart phones, we felt we have to step in with some sort of explanation not only for people who wrote us wondering about this but for everybody. We ask you to share this story on Twitter and Facebook (use the badges) so that we can put an end to the confusion.

The Answer

Short answer for those who are not interested in the details:

There is no new astrological sign. Astrology and Astronomy are completely different things. Astronomical interpretation of the boundaries of the constellations is in no way equivalent to Astrological interpretation.

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Facebook fix

We would like to use this post to explain recent issue DailyHoroscope users have experienced.

Many users could not post the horoscopes to their Facebook profiles/wall, getting strange errors with some random website names and just weird application names.

Many of you have written us about this problem (THANK YOU! We really appreciate your feedback!). We have investigated this issue since then but there was not a lot of information and since this problem was not persistent, meaning that it was only happening sometimes, it made it so much harder to track and understand the reason to this problem.

We think that we have now a good idea about why this is happening and how to fix this. Thanks to active Facebook developer forum.

At this point we would like to state and clarify the following:

  • This issue was not caused by the recent update.

This issue was caused by something internal to Facebook API implementation, which however coincided with the recent update and of course many users thought this is because of the last update. We know that this is the case because other developers integrating with Facebook APIs experienced the same problems both on iPhone and Android.

  • This is not malicious behavior of DailyHoroscope

To the remaining skeptics out there, who still think that this was some malicious behavior of DailyHoroscope. This issue is easy to reproduce on the Facebook website itself – just open the following URL in your browser:

  • We fixed the issue (we really hope so…)

While we think that we have successfully fixed the issue using a workaround to prevent this bug in Facebook access APIs from happening again, we can not be 100% sure because in the first place this error was not happening all the time and although we tested the fix a lot, we could have just been lucky (or unlucky actually) to somehow fall on all the cases where this bug in the Facebook API does not happen.

If you still are experiencing problems after the latest upgrade - 1.8.3, please write us to with as much information as possible so that we can further analyze this and hopefully fix this issue for good.

We would like again to thank all the users who have reported this problem to us and provided further information when we tried to debug and fix this issue. Thank you!

We also hope that the users who reduced the rankings of the application will consider raising them back. Thank you for your continuous support!

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DailyHoroscope for Android – new update is on its way!

A new version of DailyHoroscope is coming to Android soon.

Not too many updates in this version though. The core development guys behind DailyHoroscope had to shift the focus to other things but they are getting back on track to bring more updates, improvements and new features!

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Adding tilting effect to DailyHoroscope for WP7

We also have added the tilt effect which was a breeze with the provided sample by Microsoft and this tilting effect is very, very nice! We even consider making a separate presentation of it on our blog, to show some really cool tilting effect it produces!

Have a look at it in the video:

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DailyHoroscope for Windows Phone 7 gets beautiful screen transitions

We have added screen transitions to the DailyHoroscope that should go hand in hand with the main system UI screen transitions.

The system screen transitions are not immediately accessible to developers but developers are welcome to imitate them according to the user interface/user experience guidelines. And it is relatively easy to do so since all the power of SilverLight is at the developer’s fingertips. We have almost no experience with SilverLight and also very little experience with C# – these are the main technologies for Windows Phone 7 development. But with great tools Microsoft released, which are quite intuitive and easy to use and with the great help from the samples and the developer forum, we were able to dive into straight into the open waters of Windows Phone development.

So for the screen transitions, we were referencing this walkthrough by Jeff Brand.

You can see the end result in this video:

P.S. We think the video does not do justice to how it actually looks, as it looks so much better on the simulator and will probably look even better on the device!

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DailyHoroscope coming to Windows Phone 7 with its launch!

We are glad to let our users know that we already started working on a version of DailyHoroscope to run on the windows phone 7 and we will be launching with the first device, which should be really soon. The rumors are somewhere in October – meaning in just a few weeks!

Here’s the first stub we took, it’s not much but we are working on it and it is starting to take shape. We have to develop relying only on the simulator so far and we can only hope it will look and work the same on the actual devices.

Without further ado, here’s the short video for DailyHoroscope fans!

UPDATE: this was just an initial stub and we continue to work on the app and it should be much nicer when we launch. We have already added some UI niceties. You can see the result of adding screen transitions for DailyHorosocope.

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